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Sales Intersection is the most recommended business in all of my community across all industries on Alignable. That means we rank #1 in recommendations amongst over 2,000 businesses.

Yahoo article on me pioneering virtual selling lead generation:

Forbes article on me being a top 20 ranked podcast host:

I’ll scale your business faster and skip the prospecting process with B2B sales qualified leads generated and vetted by a 17 year experienced, ex top performer.

I’m the most recommended offering of my kind in my community in San Francisco. I guarantee to provide an uptick in your opportunity generation across 50+ verticals.

As a Yahoo article noted about me, my proprietary technology and methodology is literally changing the industry. My research uses a workflow to create opportunities and provide targeted lists based on your ideal buyer profile and potential addressable market.

My nearly 20 year tested workflow drives prospect engagement with multiple personalized sales touches. I route active prospects to your sales team or onboard new clients for you.

I cater both outbound and inbound lead generation, as well as targeting ‘in the market’ accounts.

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No more cold calls, and see what technology your prospects are using!

Rather eat a beaten up banana than make cold calls? 




Would knowing the following technologies of your prospects (and competitors) help warm up the first call or help you strategize on your messaging? 


E-commerce Platforms and Tools

Lead Generation Software

Marketing Automation


Event Management


Payment Processing …


I’ve figured out a way to create a document for clients based on which companies experienced their inception 2
days ago to over 100 years ago. This can be segmented by geography (county, city), includes contact information,
type of business, and exact date of inception. As many companies begin to evaluate solutions upon inception this
has been an extremely valuable product for my …

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